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Okay, what is this BitTorrent thing?

BitTorrent is a swarming P2P amplifying file transfer protocol.


It lets a lot of people download the same thing at the same time.

I downloaded a movie but it was tiny.  How do I play it?

What you downloaded was a "torrent" file.  You need a BitTorrent client, like BitTornado, to download the actual movie.

What's a torrent file?

It's sort of like a link on a web page.  It has the information BitTorrent needs to download and verify the file you want.

How does it work?

You run BitTornado and use it to open the torrent file.  Inside the torrent file is a list of "tracker" servers.  BitTornado will ask the tracker for the addresses of other BitTorrent clients who are downloading the same file you want; it will then connect with them and you will start downloading from them.

It says I'm uploading stuff from my computer.  What is it uploading?  I don't want to upload stuff!

BitTorrent uploads pieces of the same data you are in the process of downloading, and does not look anywhere else on your computer for things to upload.  It is designed to be very secure that way.  You can turn down the amount you upload, but this will make your download slower.

What's this light thingy on the window here?  What does it mean?

Try clicking it...