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What is BitTornado?
  • BitTornado is a BitTorrent client.
...What is BitTorrent?
BitTorrent keeps crashing/freezing!
BitTorrent crashes my PC!
  • Update your network card drivers.
  • If that doesn't work, go to Prefs, Advanced, and reduce "Max peer connections" to 60 or below
BitTorrent is slow!
  • You may be flooding your connection.  Reduce your upload to 90% of your total upstream bandwidth.
  • You may be behind a firewall.  If your status light is always YELLOW, this is very likely.  You will need to modify firewall software or cable/DSL router settings to allow BitTorrent to accept incoming connections.  Prefs allows you to specify the port range BitTorrent uses for incoming connections.  See for more information.
  • Some service providers, notably some colleges and providers outside the United States, use a non-transparent proxy for incoming connections.  If under the Advanced menu you always only see one "R" connection, under Prefs, uncheck "Don't allow multiple connections from the same IP".
Why am I yellow?  I don't have a firewall!
  • Your operating system may have built-in security that needs to be modified or disabled, or your ISP may be firewalling your connection.  All the yellow light means is the client isn't seeing any incoming connections.
How do I go through my firewall?
  • Please don't ask me that.  I probably don't know how to configure your router or your security software.  BitTorrent operates best when it has a TCP server port open, and defaults to open it at 6881 or higher (you can change this in Prefs).
I stopped the download and tried a file, but it was scrambled.
  • BitTorrent downloads data in random order, although it fills the file space linearly in order not to cause hard-drive fragmentation.  The "Details" view will show you what files in a multi-file torrent are complete.  Note that a file is not complete until it says "done"; "100%" is not good enough.
I got an error
"problem getting response info"
listing some directory in Windows.
  • This is a bug with Internet Explorer's cache handling.  Clearing your cache will help...  Alternatively, right-click the torrent link, select "Save Target as" and then double-click the .torrent file you download.
I got an error
"Unable to forward port via UPnP".
  • Try enabling UPnP for your computer and/or router.
  • If this error suddenly appeared after successfully running BitTornado for a while, try clearing your router's UPnP table.
  • Barring the above, click "Prefs", and set UPnP forwarding to Disabled.
Why do I always get bug displays with AssertionErrors?  Why does the client always stop saying "download corrupted"?
These errors are due to one of two conditions:
  • Bad RAM in your computer.  BitTorrent is especially sensitive to bad memory.  Please go to and check your system's RAM.  A bad IDE connection may also cause similar problems.
  • A bad or non-standard DLL in your operating system which I haven't been able to identify.  Unfortunately I cannot help you fix your computer; any input on what DLLs might be causing the problem would be appreciated.
If you have the problem, odds are about even which problem it is.  Try checking your RAM first.

What does "Manual Announce" mean?
"External Announce" ?
"Finish Allocation" ?
  • "Manual Announce" forces the client to reconnect to the tracker.  This is useful if your connection dies.
  • "External Announce" lets you connect to another tracker hosting the same torrent set, bridging the two trackers and allowing you to share data with both sets of peers.
  • "Finish Allocation":  As mentioned before, BitTorrent downloads randomly though it fills disk space linearly.  The Finish Allocation function fills the disk space in the background until all necessary disk space has been acquired.  This is useful for various reasons, including re-ordering the data inside a torrent so the contents of a complete file are in the correct place and the file is usable.


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